• Introductions
  • Fair/Foul Coverage ? Who?s got what and where
  • Tag ups/Touches
  • Fly Balls to Outfield
  • Coverage of Third Base
  • Live Ball (restart after foul/dead balls)
  • Dropped third strike (Jr/Sr/BL)
  • Batted Ball hits batter while in box
  • Half swing/check swing
  • Umpire positioning
  • Signals

Pre-game Umpire/Coach Conference

Inspect equipment in both dugouts
Introductions to Manager and Coaches
Collect/review and confirm line-ups
Playing field ground Rules Player/coach ground rules


  • No throwing of helmets or bats!(Automatic game ejection)
  • Helmets must be worn at all times by offensive players on field
  • A helmeted offensive player not in the lineup(or last batter) will retrieve the bats
  • No Jewelry (except medical alerts)
  • Hustle


  • Are all of your players properly equipped
  • No arguing judgment calls of umpires
  • Do not leave the dugout until a proper time-out is called